Weekly Tweet Selection. 3rd – 7th April 2017.

This week we focus on technological trends and e-Learning strategies for teachers, paying special attention to gamification, its uses on language learning and the benefits it brings to students with learning difficulties.

Monday, 3 April

7 habits of TechTeachers (you can see a proper version of the image here).

Effective eLearning strategies to change students mindset by helping them develop deeper learning skills.

Tuesday, 4 April

  List of blogs that are worth checking out for eLearning professionals looking to improve their crafts.

  New ETHE Journal Youtube channel with videos that introduce published articles.

  List of top Instructional Design theories to improve knowledge retention and provide more meaningful online training experiences.

  Bloom’s taxonomy adapted to Twitter times.

Thursday, 6 April

  Gamifying e-Learning. Resources to learn more about gamification.

  New app created by the UOC to learn english, french and german while playing in a trivia format: Trivialang (in spanish).

Friday, 7 April

  On the use of gamified learning to tackle learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

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Desirée Gómez
Content curator and analyst. @eLC_UOC's Twitter Community Manager and eLC's Blog Content Specialist at the Trend Spotting and Analysis team of the eLearn Center at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Educational, innovation & technology trend detection and analysis, content curation, communication and observing tasks. University and Master Graduate on History of Art by the Universitat de Barcelona, specialized in International Relations and educational and technological observation.

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